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19 okt 2021

Deze COI Focus bespreekt de actuele veiligheidssituatie in Jemen. Verschillende crisissen, die zich afspelen in een verschillende geografische context maar elkaar wel onderling beïnvloeden, hebben een impact op deze veiligheidssituatie. Deze COI Focus is een update van de COI Focus Jemen. Veiligheidssituatie van 14 juli 2020.

20 sep 2021

This report provides an overview of the main security trends and incidents at national level in the period January 2020 – 30 June 2021, as well as details on conflict dynamics, territorial control/influence, and armed actors at regional level. Finally, the report provides regional details about incidents, their impact on civilian life, internal displacement, and conflict related humanitarian issues.

The report builds upon preceding EASO COI reports of the same project/study with focus on Somalia: Actors, Targeted profiles and Key socio-economic indicators. They were published in the period July-September 2021. They should be read in conjunction with one another. This series of COI reports provide relevant information on international protection status determination for Somali asylum seekers and will be used in the development of EASO country guidance note on Somalia.

20 sep 2021

This report provides in-depth information about following potentially targeted profiles: people recruited by and deserters from Al-Shabaab; women and girls; individual perceived as contravening religious laws/tenets; minorities and non-minority clans; individuals involved in blood feuds/clan disputes; individuals supporting or perceived as supporting the government, the international community, and/or as opposing Al-Shabaab; journalists; LGBTIQ.

This report should be read in conjunction with other 2021 EASO COI reports on Somalia, such as EASO COI report on Somalia: Actors (July 2021), the EASO COI report on Somalia: Key socio-economic indicators (September 2021), and the Somalia: Security situation (September 2021). This series of COI reports provide relevant information on international protection status determination for Somali asylum seekers and will be used in the development of EASO country guidance note on Somalia.

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20 maart 2020

Het doel van dit onderzoek is een stand van zaken op te maken over de veiligheidssituatie in Centraal en Zuid-Irak, met inbegrip van de hoofdstad Bagdad. Het gebied omvat de provincies Anbar, Diyala, Kirkuk, Ninewa en Salah al-Din (Centraal-Irak), de hoofdstedelijke provincie Bagdad, en de provincies van Zuid-Irak: Babil, Basra, Karbala, Maysan, al-Muthanna, Najaf, Qadisiya, Dhi Qar en Wasit. Het onderzoek richt zich in het bijzonder op de periode van maart 2019 tot januari 2020.

De analyse is een gedeeltelijke actualisering van het EASO rapport over de veiligheidssituatie in Irak: EASO Country of Origin Rapport Iraq, Security Situation, March 2019.

20 november 2019

Deze COI Focus maakt een stand van zaken op van de veiligheidssituatie in de Noord-Iraakse provincies onder officiële controle van de Koerdische Regionale Regering (KRG), de zogenaamde Koerdische Autonome Regio (KAR). Deze regio bestaat uit de provincies Erbil, Suleimaniya en Dohuk.

Dit rapport is een update van het gelijknamige document dat dateert van 14 maart 2018 en het Iraq Security Situation Report van het European Asylum Support Office (EASO) dd. maart 2019. Het onderzoek liep tot 30 september 2019.

12 maart 2019

This report provides a general overview of the security situation in Iraq, covering the following topics: a general background of recent conflicts in Iraq; the current political situation; information on the main armed actors and their territorial presence and role; an overview of recent security trends; the impact of the violence on the civilian population; and the impact of the violence on the state ability to secure law and order.

12 maart 2019

The data on civilian deaths/incidents contained in this report was gathered, extracted, analysed and presented by Iraq Body Count (IBC), with coordination and facilitation by EASO’s Country of Origin Information (COI) sector team.

07 maart 2019

This report aims to provide information on topics related to the targeting of individuals by armed actors in Iraq, as well as by sectors of society. The report deals with the modus operandi, methods and targeting strategies used by armed actors, both on the side of the insurgents as on the side of state armed actors and affiliated armed groups, in the context of the conflict with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Society-based targeting on issues such as transgression of social norms, gender, crime, or on the basis of particular identities, is also discussed in a separate chapter.


05 februari 2019

The EASO COI report: Iraq – Key socio-economic indicators aims to provide information on key socio-economic indicators in Iraq focusing on Basrah, Erbil, and Baghdad, and highlighting aspects of the situation of IDPs in those areas, as well as women and children. Relevant indicators include the general economic situation, access to employment and livelihoods, poverty, food and water security, housing and living conditions, access to health care, access to education, access to support and assistance, and the role of support networks.