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15 sep 2022

The purpose of this security situation report is to provide relevant information for the assessment of international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection, and in particular for use in updating EUAA’s country guidance development on Syria.

The report covers the period of April 2021 – July 2022, and it is an update of the EUAA COI Report: Syria – Security situation (July 2021). A limited update of sections addressing the justice system in government-held areas and areas under the control of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, previously covered in the EUAA COI Report: Syria –Actors (December 2019), is also included.

The drafting of this report was finalised on 17 August 2022. Any event taking place after this date is not included in this report.

02 sep 2022

The purpose of this report is to provide relevant information regarding the targeting of individuals in Syria, for international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection, and in particular for use in the update of EUAA’s Country Guidance on Syria.

This report addresses topics related to the targeting of individuals by different armed actors operating in Syria, including the Government of Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, the Syrian National Army, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant among others. Targeting of individuals by sectors of society is also addressed where relevant.

This report is an update of the EUAA COI Report: Syria – Targeting of individuals (March 2020). It also provides updated information on profiles and topics covered previously in the following EUAA COI reports: EUAA COI Report – Situation of women (February 2020), EUAA COI Report – Military service (April 2021), and EUAA COI Report – Situation of returnees from abroad (June 2021).

The reference period for the events described in this report is from January 2020 until August 2022. The drafting of this report was finalised on 19 August 2022. Any event taking place after this date is not included in this report.

26 aug 2022

Ce COI Focus décrit la situation sécuritaire dans la bande de Gaza du 1er février au 15 août 2022. La situation humanitaire ne fait pas partie des sujets traités. 

Le Cedoca est confronté à une surabondance d’informations sur la situation sécuritaire dans le Territoire palestinien. Il propose une synthèse des principaux faits en vue de faciliter la compréhension du conflit et de ses récents développements dans la bande de Gaza. 

Cette recherche, qui constitue la mise à jour d’un rapport publié le 14 février 2022, a été clôturée le 23 août 2022. 


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EL Salvador

09 januari 2020

Le présent document est une mise à jour du COI Focus Salvador. Retour au pays des ressortissants daté du 19 juillet 2019. Il s’intéresse à la situation des Salvadoriens rentrés au pays depuis 2015, de façon volontaire ou sous la contrainte.

Cette mise à jour s’intéresse en particulier au facteur que joue la migration dans la situation des Salvadoriens de retour.

15 juli 2019

La présente recherche dresse un état des lieux de la situation sécuritaire au Salvador. Clôturée le 15 juillet 2019, elle met à jour un COI Focus daté du 27 février 2015.

12 juli 2019

Deze research onderzoekt de situatie van de Salvadoranen die sinds 2015 vrijwillig of onder dwang naar het land zijn teruggekeerd.

De gebruikte bronnen zijn hoofdzakelijk afkomstig uit gespecialiseerde rapporten, de Latijns-Amerikaanse pers, (inter)nationale instanties of uit de academische wereld. Cedoca raadpleegde ook experten.


30 september 2019

The report is designed to deliver relevant information for international protection determination in Europe. The report is not meant to give a complete view of the current political or human rights situation in Eritrea.

Chapter 1 provides a brief overview about the developments in Eritrea’s foreign affairs, internal affairs, religious issues and legal framework since 2016, including the peace declaration with Ethiopia of 2018.

The subsequent three chapters provide a COI update on the topics relevant for international protection determination: national service, legal and illegal exit, and return. These chapters mostly describe the relevant legal framework governing the concerned issue, the government position on the issue (if available), followed by information from the used publications and by the interlocutors interviewed in Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Europe.

The drafting of this report was finalised in August 2019. Any event taking place after this date is not included in this report.


14 juli 2022

Deze Focus biedt een overzicht van het geweld en de humanitaire situatie in de regio Tigray in Ethiopië, en behandelt de periode van vanaf september 2021 tot juni 2022.

Het document is een update van de COI Focus Ethiopië. De veiligheidssituatie in Tigray en de situatie van etnische Tigray in Ethiopië van 7 september 2021 die ingaat op het verloop van de vijandelijkheden in de regio Tigray vanaf de aanvang van het gewapend conflict in november 2020 tot eind augustus 2021. Dit rapport bouwt eveneens verder op de COI Focus Ethiopië. Spanningen in en rond Tigray van 16 november 2020 die ingaat op de oorzaken van het huidige conflict in de regio Tigray.

Het onderzoek voor deze COI Focus werd afgesloten op 12 juli 2022. 

12 mei 2022

The report Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Ethiopia (FGM/C) provides background information and mapping of FGM/C practices and trends at national and regional level in Ethiopia for the then-9 regions and two chartered cities covered by the last Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) conducted in 2016. While relying on the last DHS as a starting point, the report complements, contrasts and/or corroborates it with more recent studies and research carried out and published mostly in the period 2015 - 2022. The report provides details on the legal and policy framework, national statistics and under-reporting issues, societal attitudes, information on FGM performers, and cross-border practices. Finally, the report engages with regional variations and current trends/attitudes.

The reference period is from 2016 to March 2022.


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