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03 mrt 2023

Le présent rapport porte sur la pratique du mariage forcé au Maroc.

Un mariage forcé est un mariage contracté sans le libre consentement des deux époux ou lorsque le consentement d'au moins un des époux a été donné sous la contrainte physique et/ou morale (violence, menaces, chantage affectif, pressions psychologiques, etc.).

Cette recherche a été clôturée le 1er mars 2023.

23 feb 2023

The purpose of this COI Focus is to assess the security situation in the five states of Darfur, the Two Areas (the two southern provinces of South Kordofan and Blue Nile) and West Kordofan in Sudan. The report is particularly focused on the period from January 2022 to December 2022.

From 30 October to 10 November 2022, the Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre (Landinfo) and Cedoca conducted a joint fact-finding mission in Sudan. Information collected during meetings with sources in Khartoum is also included in this report.

22 feb 2023

The report provides an update on and mapping of the security situation at both country and regional level, namely for the 18 administrative regions foreseen by the Somali provisional constitution as they existed before 1991. The report builds upon preceding EASO COI reports, notably the Somalia: Security Situation from September 2021, but also Actors, Targeted profiles and Key socio-economic indicators. They were published in the period July- September 2021.

The report provides an overview of the main security trends and conflict dynamics at country level in the reference period (1 July 2021 - 30 November 2022). Within this context it includes information on crucial developments that were already visible as of December 2022.

Additionally, the report provides an update on the main changes regarding state and non-state (armed) actors and their control areas or presence during the same reporting period. For the full overview of these actors see the report on Somalia: Actors. Finally, the report engages with conflict dynamics and security developments at the regional level. In this section, it provides information about incidents and their impact on civilian life, including conflict related humanitarian issues.

The drafting of this report was finalised on 3 February 2023.

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11 december 2017

The information is a result of desk research of public, specialised paper-based and electronic sources until 27 November 2017. In addition, during the research, EASO researchers conducted extensive interviews with three experts (Borhan Osman, Abubakar Siddique and Anand Gopal).

11 december 2017

This report is based on desk research of public, specialised paper-based and electronic sources. The main research was completed up until 30 November 2017. In addition, during the research, EASO researchers conducted extensive interviews with several field experts.

23 augustus 2017

Het rapport biedt een algemene beschrijving van de sociaal-economische situatie in drie steden in Afghanistan (Kaboel, Mazar-e Sharif en Herat) en behandelt de volgende onderwerpen: economische groei, tewerkstelling, armoede, voedselveiligheid, toegang tot onderwijs, gezondheidszorg, huisvesting en aanpassingsstrategieën.

09 november 2016

Het eerste deel van het rapport bevat een algemene beschrijving van de veiligheidssituatie in Afghanistan en vestigt de aandacht op de regionale verschillen. Deze verschillen worden meer in detail behandeld in het tweede deel, dat de bestuurlijke onderverdelingen van het land beschrijft.

19 september 2016

During the EASO COI Specialist Network (CSN) meeting (4 December 2015), the need for updated information on recruitment practices by armed actors in the Afghan conflict was expressed by participants from 10 EU+ countries. An initial discussion was held on terms of reference (ToR) for such an update.


15 december 2022

Deze COI Focus geeft zicht op de actuele situatie in Albanië. De informatie in deze COI Focus loopt tot en met 24 november 2022.

Dit document is een actualisering van de gelijknamige COI Focus van 15 juni 2020.

Sinds jaren volgt Cedoca de situatie in Albanië op de voet. Informatie over de jaren vóór 2016 is, voor zover niet relevant, niet opgenomen in dit overzicht.


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