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09 sep 2021

This report covers the overall security situation in Afghanistan from 1 March to 31 August 2021 and contains information on clashes and other security related events on provincial and district level during the reference period. The report also describes the Taliban's take-over of Afghanistan as international forces withdrew, beginning with the increased number of districts falling under Taliban control between March and July, followed by the capture of provincial capitals between 6 and 14 August, including the 'heavily defended' northern city of Mazar-e Sharif, and the final take-over of the capital Kabul on 15 August 2021. 

The report does not cover events after 31 August.

06 sep 2021

Ce rapport s’intéresse à la situation des homosexuels au Maroc.

Le terme « homosexuel » désigne tant les hommes que les femmes mais lorsqu’il s’agira d’insister sur la dimension spécifique de l’expérience des uns ou des autres, le Cedoca utilisera alors les termes « gay » et « lesbienne ».

La recherche documentaire couvre la période du 1er janvier 2019 au 31 juillet 2021. Le Cedoca a clôturé la recherche le 7 août 2021.

30 aug 2021

Gelet op de huidige situatie in Afghanistan zijn de COI en de nota over het beleid met betrekking tot dit land verouderd.

Op 16 augustus 2021 heeft het CGVS besloten tot een tijdelijke, gedeeltelijke opschorting van de betekening van beslissingen van verzoekers afkomstig uit Afghanistan.

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27 januari 2020

This report concerns the Syrian territories, which have been outside the control of the Government of Syria (GoS) and returned to GoS control through so-called reconciliation agreements. It explores how these agreements were reached, their consequences for the population of the respective areas, as well as how GoS exerts its control in the aftermath. Not all areas/cities are included, but rather a selection that serves to illustrate the different developments.

The report covers the period from 2014 until October 2019. The drafting of this report was finalised on 1 October 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process until 28 October 2019.

23 december 2019

The purpose of this report is to provide relevant information regarding the main actors in Syria for the assessment of international protection status determination, including refugee status and subsidiary protection, and in particular to inform the EASO country guidance development on Syria.

The information gathered is a result of research using public, specialised paper-based and electronic sources until 31 October 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process, until 29 November 2019. The report is based on information from UN reports, reports from human rights organisations, academic publications and news articles, that in different ways describe the actors in Syria.

11 november 2019

This report analyses the security situation in Syria, focusing in particular on the situation for the civilian population. The reference period is 2018 and the first half of 2019. Some additional information was added during the finalisation of this report in response to feedback received during the quality control process until 18 September 2019.

After finalisation of the content of the report by Landinfo, during the editing phase, significant developments to the security situation occurred, which did not follow recent trends in the conflict. Because of the significant nature of these developments, having an impact on the content of this report, EASO agreed with Landinfo to include a separate chapter (Chapter 6, New developments), with a short overview of information up until 23 October 2019. Because of the early stage and volatile nature of such developments in the conflict, information on this will have to be updated on short notice. EASO plans such update by spring 2020.

13 maart 2018

The purpose of the meeting was to facilitate discussions among participants on key issues in Syria relevant to COI researchers, to update each other on recent information needs and new national products, and to discuss future joint activities.

03 januari 2018

Syrian males who do not show up for compulsory military service risk being listed as wanted by the government.


24 maart 2020

La présente recherche s’intéresse essentiellement à la situation spécifique des homosexuels en Tanzanie. Le Cedoca a également inclus dans ce rapport des informations au sujet de l’identité de genre en Tanzanie, surtout lorsque celles-ci apparaissent dans le contexte plus large des droits des LGBT (lesbiennes, gays, bisexuel-le-s, transgenres). En effet, plusieurs sources indiquent que de nombreux Tanzaniens confondent les notions d’orientation sexuelle et d’identité de genre.

Le Cedoca fera souvent référence aux minorités sexuelles, mais également au sigle LGBT qui englobe d’autres réalités mais qui est utilisé par un nombre important de sources consultées. Il en est de même pour l’expression « hommes ayant des rapports sexuels avec des hommes » (HSH, ou en anglais : men who have sex with men, MSM), souvent utilisée dans un contexte académique ou épidémiologique et qui se focalise sur la pratique sexuelle plutôt que l’orientation sexuelle.

La recherche documentaire couvre la période de 2014 à fin mars 2020.